Woman, Giselle Hornby Who Sleeps With 24 Men Daily, Faces 1040-Yr Jail Term 1

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Woman, Giselle Hornby Who Sleeps With 24 Men Daily, Faces 1040-Yr Jail Term

For a three year period, the woman whose photograph appears in this story was distributing viagra to the residents of her community and coming back to have sex with them.

Giselle Hornby, 49, a nursing home aide in an Oklahoma City nursing home at Parkview Nursing Centre, has thus been arrested after multiple allegations of sexual assault and abuse, reports The Gazelle News.

Hornby modus operandi involved daily distribution of viagra to make residents of the community and coming back to have sex with them. Her target are males between the ages of 72 and 103 years and investigation revealed that she usually has sex with as many as 24 male residents daily!.

Hornby is also accused of having given Viagra on a daily basis to a number of residents before forcing them into sexual intercourse without their consent.
“We got suspicious when our staff kept reporting that male residents seemed to be in a perpetual state of erection,” said manager Elise Wood.

Upon the arrest, hundreds of Viagra pills were seized from the former employee’s locker, as well as a number of sex toys such as vibrators, anal beads, bottles of lubricant and one strap-on dildo, explained Oklahoma City Police Department spokesman, John Seville.

“We found out not only that she was giving them Viagra pills, but that she was also having sex with up to 24 residents per day,” another employee told local reporters.

Although some residents openly enjoyed the abuse of the former nursing home aid and claim it was all done consensually, one resident admitted to reporters that he sincerely disliked the “weird sex toys” and the “anal stuff.”

“She is the best thing that has happened to me since my wife passed away 35 years ago, but I admit having an erection 16 hours a day was a bit annoying,” one resident told local reporters.

Investigators admit that even though no resident has officially filed a complaint against the former nursing aide she is still liable to criminal charges.

Giselle Hornby remains in the Oklahoma County Detention Center on bail totaling $600,000 and could face up to a maximum of 1040 years in jail, believe experts.



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