What To Do On A Long Flight


It can be difficult to enjoy a long flight, but you can prepare yourself and make it more enjoyable. Here are some suggestions for what to do on a long flight.

1. Catch up on entertainment

The long flight is a great opportunity to catch-up on your favorite TV shows, movies or documentaries. You can download your favorite movies or shows on your laptop or tablet before you fly, or use the in-flight options. Bring headphones to enhance the experience.

2. Read a book or listen to audiobooks

Listen to a book that will keep you engrossed or immerse yourself into a fascinating story. Reading can take you to new worlds, whether it is a novel, self-help or travel guide.

3. Play games or solve puzzles

Download fun interactive apps to your tablet or phone. Sudoku, crosswords puzzles or even brain-training game are excellent ways to keep your mind sharp and pass the time.

4. Discover Something New

Take advantage of your flight time by learning something new. Download language-learning applications and learn a new tongue, listen to informative audio podcasts or watch educational videos about topics you are interested in.


5. Listen to music or podcasts

Create a playlist with your favorite artists or discover new ones. Listen to podcasts about various topics, such as comedy, true crimes, history or science. This is a great way for you to pass the time and stay entertained.

6. Plan Your Trip

Plan your itinerary if you are traveling to a destination that is new to you. Research local customs, restaurants and attractions. Explore and book activities using travel apps or websites.


7. Relax and Meditate

You can find inner peace and tranquility on long flights. Relax and calm your mind by practicing meditation or deep breathing techniques. Download guided meditation apps.

8. Stretching and Moving Around

Sitting for long periods of time can be uncomfortable. Standing up and moving around the cabin will help to reduce stiffness and increase blood circulation. Some airlines offer exercises you can perform from your seat.

9. Sleep and Rest

Sleeping on long flights is a good idea. Bring along a neck cushion, a blanket that is comfortable, and an eyemask to create a sleeping-friendly environment. Stay hydrated and avoid caffeine to regulate your sleep cycle.

10. Start a Conversation

You can start a conversation if you feel comfortable. You may meet interesting people or make new friends. Be mindful of the person’s personal space as well as their willingness to engage.

Preparation is the key to a comfortable flight. For added comfort, pack your carry-on bag with the essentials, such as snacks, a hand sanitizer and cozy socks. Keep yourself relaxed and entertained to make the long flight pass quickly.


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