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Warning: Nigerians Don’t Hope on June 1st

Written by Harry Williams

Good day Nigerians, I come to you with a precious advise to you all read carefully, as the lockdown in Nigeria has lasted for over 2 months and now a partial lockdown for over 2 weeks now.

The Nigerian Government have given hope to all Nigerians that on June 1st they will consider on what will be done concerning the lockdown and reopening of schools and churches nationwide.

But I tell you this moment that the lockdown won’t be closed or ended especially in the epicenter ‘Lagos State’.

These are 3 reasons why the lockdown will continue:-

1. The virus that brought us all into the lockdown will tell if it should end, because the total cases in Nigeria is almost 10,000 as new cases are confirmed everyday, yesterday making it 7261 cases.

It is dangerous to ease the lockdown totally churches and especially in schools where the children can’t take the preventive measure to curb the spread of the virus. The Christian didn’t celebrate Easter with crowd so as the Muslims won’t celebrate.

2. The Government stricter rules concerning the lockdown
Recently, the Federal Government warned all Governors who eased the lockdown on schools and churches in their different states should take note that no State should reopen fully even though the cases are low in the state. As you can see, if the lockdown was to end on June 1st there would have been a decrease in the strict rules but no it’s the opposite.

3. Opportunity to rearrange the country
Finally, this is why the lockdown won’t end on June 1st, the government are using this chance to establish a strong health system in Nigeria and also to prapared and create bodies that can detect any future disease or virus coming.

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They are trying to track any infected person faster and also trying to test faster as fast as 1000 tests a day.

The lockdown will end soon but no so soon unless it’s a miracle.

What do you think? Drop your opinions below.

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