Underwear Model Earns £48K A Month From Smoking Marijuana On Instagram

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A model makes thousands a month by smoking weed on Instagram.

Sewkey used to work as a waitress before she took on a £7 an hour office job.

The 9-5 wasn’t working well for the American influencer so she decided to set up a social media page.

Underwear Model Earns £48K A Month From Smoking Marijuana On Instagram 1

She now boasts 282,000 followers and uses the platform to show her love for cannabis.

In racy lingerie snaps, Sewkey is seen puffing on a spliff in her penthouse apartment in Downtown Los Angeles.

This is legal for recreational use in California, which is why the bombshell can be so open about her passion.

The 29-year-old said she set-up her successful Instagram page because she wanted to “reinvent” herself.

She felt at a low point in her life and hoped it would prove to be a positive outlet.

The Instagram star revealed: “I was suffering from depression for some time after going through some traumatic experiences and I was honestly confused as to where I was headed in life.

“I decided to turn to social media to kind of just let go and free my mind from the trauma and stress and it was kind of like a way to reinvent myself, like pressing the reset button or backspace button.

“So I made this calculated and determined decision to become an IG model.”

She can now earn more than £48,000 a month because of her huge fanbase.

Sewkey added: “It was an extremely good way to keep me focused on setting goals.

“A way to keep my mind from wandering, and was a big help to my mental state.

Underwear Model Earns £48K A Month From Smoking Marijuana On Instagram

“It forced me out of depression and into grind mode because I felt like I had purpose and I built this passion for my IG presence and it has become super important to me!”

As well as aiding her mental health, working as an influencer has benefited Sewkey’s bank balance too.

Sewkey, who smokes around 20 joints a day, makes her fortunes from photoshoots and advertising deals.

She is a brand ambassador for Raw Rolling Papers and has even set up her “own strain” of the drug.

The influencer claims her product is “clean, grown correctly, not harmful and gives the perfect high”.

She explained: “I now have Ramen Strain under the Andretti Canna House in the works and it’s getting ready to hit shops really soon.”

Sewkey is chuffed that her career has taken off.

She enjoys being able to explore her passion every day while still raking in riches.

The Instagram star added: “My life is amazing now and I am so thankful and lucky to have built a brand that has become so successful.

“My dreams have come true to be honest! Success via social media has really changed my life.

“I get to chill, smoke, and be myself; goofy sexy and cute.”


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