Steps To Get A Canadian Visa

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Canada is a land of enormous opportunities and endless possibilities.

Most people from different parts of the world, especially people in Africa move to Canada often. Canada records the highest no of immigrants so far after the Covid pandemic.

Canada stands as a beacon of hope, offering a haven and a big fat promising future.

Canada is one nation that is known for inclusivity. They open their arms wide open for people from different walks of life. They have colorful and rich cultures. Another fascinating thing about Canada is they make sure you are protected from any form of abuse. They are always ready to protect your right anytime, any day.

When most people want to travel, they are full of many skepticism and fears. Well, I don’t blame them, because leaving your country for a foreign land comes with a rollercoaster of emotions.

But, moving to Canada is like moving to a magical place… So many people from all over the world come to Canada to find happiness and a brighter future. No matter the fear and skepticism you have about traveling abroad, if you get a Canadian visa, I want you to always wear a big smile on your face because amazing opportunities are waiting for you.

Here is the thing, we all know how news spreads like wildfire. The news of how promising and the kind of fulfilled life waiting for people who would be coming.  Millions of people have heard of the plenty of opportunities in Canada. But the sad thing is, most of them don’t know how the steps to take to get a Canadian visa.

Because Canada is packed with opportunities, so many people want to escape the bad leadership and hardship in their countries and are ready to do anything just to get a Canadian visa. The sad thing is, most of these people now have hot tears on their faces because they have wasted a lot of money trying to get Canadian visas, most of these people even paid scammers who posed as travel agents. Because there are so many people who want to travel to Canada and are willing to do anything just to achieve their dreams of getting Canadian visas, so many bad people have capitalized on that and scammed them of their hard-earned money.

I want you to consider yourself lucky. Today you are going to learn how to get a Canadian visa for free. This is information that so many people pay a huge amount of money just to get it.

Make sure you read this article slowly with the heart instead of quickly with the head.

Also, implement whatever you will learn here today. If you do so, you will see yourself in Canada in no time.

Before you pack your bags and travel to any country, you need to get a visa. And as someone who wants to go to Canada, you will need to get a Canadian visa. A visa is simply a pass that would allow you to enter and stay in Canada.

Different Types Of Canadian Visa Available

  1. Temporary Resident Visa/ Tourist Visa—TRV

This visa is for people who want to visit Canada and explore the Pacific environment,  stunning landscapes, and beautiful vibrant cities and taste its unique-diverse culture.

 If you want to come to Canada for fun and frolic…meaning, coming for a vacation and spending a limited time. This is the visa you should apply for.

Canada is a great destination for people who just want to tour the world and be happy.

It has so many majestic mountains, breathtaking lakes, and cities with a lot of cool stuff.

When people who have toured Canada tell others of the colourful experiences and unforgettable memories, their hearts would yearn to explore the wonders of this enchanting country called Canada and you would see them engaging in deep research on how to get a Canadian visa.

One time, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I saw pictures of my friend Jane on a red-hot adventure in Canada. Jane was standing in front of the iconic CN Tower in Toronto, it was a group tour so she and her friends were hiking in the beautiful Banff National Park, and having a good laugh with her friends in Vancouver.

Seeing the beautiful lush scenery, I couldn’t help but feel excited and in awe.

  • Work Permit

This is also known as a “work visa”.  This is how this visa works. If you are extremely good with your expertise, let’s say you are a seasoned chef, a nurse, or with remarkable tech experience. You got a job offer from a Canadian company, a work visa which is also known as a work permit is what you will need to live and work in Canada while doing your dream job and earning big.

I have met people who were struggling in their countries, saw Canadian job opportunities online, and applied for them. Get their Canadian visas and are now in Canada.

  • Study Permit

If you have ever had the dream of pursuing your higher education in Canada, I know you must have heard of the amazing stories of how Canada has the best universities, innovative research opportunities, and smooth life for students.

Before you can study in Canada as an international student, you need a study visa. This is the Canadian visa needed for educational pursuits in the country.

  • Temporary Resident Visa

This is also known as a business visa.

Most successful entrepreneurs want to attend a business conference in Canada to connect with other smart business people. So, this type of Canadian visa is simply for people who want to visit Canada for business-related activities.

  • Family Sponsorship (Permanent Resident Visa)

If you have a family member, especially a close family member, maybe your parents, siblings or spouse who is already living in Canada and is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. This type of Canadian visa allows you to become a permanent resident of Canada. It will allow you to join your family in Canada and live the good life.

  • Express Entry (Permanent Resident Visa)

This type of Canadian visa is simply for extremely gifted individuals. If you have quality skills with valuable experience and qualifications you can easily get this visa.

Often time, Canada is always looking for talented individuals in tech, healthcare, and Agriculture to contribute to its growth and development. With express entry, you can become a permanent resident of Canada based on your skills and qualifications.

Steps To Get A Canadian Visa

If you want to get a Canadian visa, you have to get ready to put in a lot of work because it involves so many steps, you have to understand that each step is for a successful application to happen. Now, you are going to know all the detailed explanations of the steps you need to take to get a Canadian visa real quick.

  1. Figure Out The Visa Type

Based on the reason why you want to travel to Canada, youcandeterminetheCanadianvisatypethatwouldalignwith your purpose.

As I wrote in the previous section, the most common visa types we have include work visa(work permit), study permit, temporary resident visa, and permanent residence.

If you like to tour around Canada and experience different cultures, you need a tourist visa. If you are a skilled professional, who wants to have a taste of the booming economy of Canada and have access to exciting job opportunities, you need a work visa. If you have ever dreamed of studying at a renowned world-class Canadian university, the Canadian visa you need is a study permit. If you are highly proficient in your skill, and your input can greatly help boost Canada’s flourishing economy, the Canadian visa you need is an express entry.

  • Carefully Gather the Required Documents

If you want to get a tourist visa(Temporary resident visa), the required documents you need to gather include…valid International passport, recent passport-sized photographs, proof of travel itinerary(flight reservations and hotel booking), evidence of sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay in Canada.

For a work visa, you need a valid passport, a job offer letter from the Canadian company, evidence of professional qualifications and work experience, and proof of sufficient funds so you can support yourself in Canada, sometimes there might be additional requirements from the Canadian authorities.

For a study permit Canadian visa, you will need a valid passport, an acceptance letter from the Canadian educational institution, proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition and living expenses, and your academic transcript. Additional documents might also be required.

For express entry Canadian visa, you will need a valid passport, and language test results so as to demonstrate English or French proficiency. Canada has 2 official languages. So if you are from a French/English-speaking country, you will go with the one that aligns with you. Another document needed for this Canadian visa is proof of work experience and police clearance certificates.

By providing these documents and any additional documents that might be required, you can apply for any type of Canadian visa that resonates with you, if your application is successful, you can now travel to Canada.

  • Apply Through VAC or Online

Nowadays, if you want to apply for Canadian visas, it is mostly done online, through the official Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) website. But, in some countries, you can submit through visa application centers (VACs). All you have to do is follow the instructions carefully and fill out the application forms correctly.

  • Make Payment For Application Fee

If you want to submit your visa application, it is mandatory for you to pay the required application fees.

The fee differs from the type of visa you are applying for. Also, it is non-refundable even without your visa being approved.

  • Wait For Processing

When you are done with submitting your visa application and all the required documents, you must exercise patience and wait for the visa processing to be completed.

Factors like the Canadian visa type you are applying for and the country from which you are applying can hugely impact the processing time.

  • Interview Time

Most times interview is required and in solemn times it is not needed.

If it is needed in your case, you will be called for an interview at the Canadian embassy or consulate in their country. Also, make sure you prepare yourself to answer questions about your application and travel plans.

  • Receive Decision

If they finish processing your visa, you are going to receive a decision on whether your visa is approved or not.

If you are lucky and your visa is approved, the visa will be stamped on your passport.

  • Prepare For Arrival

This is the level where you have to get excited. There will be a lot of congratulations from family and friends. At this point, you can start getting ready for your journey to Canada. Here are things you should do, book a flight, and arrange for accommodations, it will be thoughtful of you to have enough funds to support yourself for a few months. Many people who neglect traveling with backup money didn’t find it funny during their early days in Canada.


I just want you to have this at the back of your mind, the visa application process can be tedious. But, don’t make it more difficult for yourself. Make sure you don’t bring any forged documents. Everything should better be authentic. It would be brilliant to follow instructions, provide accurate information, and be well-prepared with all the crucial documents. I would also suggest you seek the help of a qualified immigration consultant or lawyer so that navigating the path can be easy and smooth. But, if you don’t have the money, by carefully applying the things you learn in this article your journey of getting a Canadian visa can be a success.

All the best with your Canadian visa application. Everything will fall into place for you.

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