Obasanjo: Nigeria becoming failed state, world’s poverty capital 1

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Obasanjo: Nigeria becoming failed state, world’s poverty capitalObasanjo: Nigeria becoming failed state, world’s poverty capital 2

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo reviewed the state of the country afresh yesterday and declared that Nigeria “is becoming a basket case and poverty capital of the world.”

“And socially, we are firming up as an unwholesome and insecure country,” he said at a consultative dialogue held at the Shehu Yar’Adua Center, Abuja.

At the dialogue organised by some socio-cultural political organisations to harmonise their thoughts on Nigeria, Obasanjo said the country “is fast drifting to a failed and badly divided state.”

He attributed the situation to what he called “recent mismanagement of diversity and socio-economic development of our country.”

He particularly decried the level of mistrust among the various sections of the country, saying: “Old fault lines that were disappearing have opened up in greater fissures and with drums of hatred, disintegration and separation and accompanying choruses being heard loud and clear almost everywhere.

“It would appear that anybody not dancing to the drumbeat nor joining in chorus singing would be earmarked as ethnically unpatriotic or enemy of its tribe or geographical area. In short, the country is fast moving to the precipice.


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