Man Narrates How He Ended Up Designing His Own Girlfriend’s Wedding IV to Another Man 1

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A Ghanaian man has narrated his relationship ordeal—of having painfully lost her girlfriend to another man, and how he was asked to design their wedding invitation card because he couldn’t afford to marry her at the time.

The man in a Facebook chat stated that, though his then-girlfriend expressly told her she did not love the man she was getting married to, the things she wants in life are big and that even if he saved all his salary for 5 years, he couldn’t even provide them. Therefore, she was making a prudent choice.

The girlfriend still offered to sleep with him—and even asked that he impregnate her so she can take part of him to her marriage.


According to this man, it was surprising how things turned out for their relationship. And that he did not see through the early lies until his girlfriend finally told her she was seriously getting married to an older man one afternoon.

It did not matter that the girlfriend’s family knew him and of their relationship, she had found an accountant who was financially better and that drove her choice, he said.

It’s not the jilting that makes this man’s story newsworthy or interesting, but how it happened, and also how he later was hired to design the wedding invitation card for her girlfriend to get married to another man.



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