G herbo – Loked in

Locked in
Locked in






I was in a slump (Was in a slump)

Ever since I lost my brother, I been gettin’ drunk

Slowly crawling out the hump, shit got me fucked up, mentally

Any nigga play with me, I dump, physically

Everywhere I be, we keep a couple Glocks tucked

I ain’t hard to see, I’m in that Double R truck

I can’t lie, I got a lot of money, ton of money

Stackin’ money, I don’t walk to money, run to money

Money callin’, bitch, I go to money, come to money

Money fallin’, I got winter money, summer money

Uh-oh, woke up, spent a hundo’

Still don’t give a fuck, though

Clips with huncho’s, Glocks with switches, hit a bunch of ’em

How them killers touch on ’em, like they got a crush on ’em

We give niggas headshots, never put a crutch on ’em

Like to get our clutch on it, we couldn’t wait to bust on ’em

Two gears, he had lug, though, he fucked but he cutthroat

Me and Foenem cut throats

We ain’t waitin’ on no get backs, so it’s Bronem must go

Run up, really with that, we make niggas drop poles

Man, shout out to the hoes, we make bitches drop loads

And they textin’ lock codes, he a ho, his Glock cold

Finger twitchin’ when I tote, fire itchin’ in my coat

I’ma say it, and I quote: “I can’t wait for gun smoke”

In them trenches, I’m a G.O.A.T.

Like my mama, fuck goats

I can’t sleep, why I stay woke

Solid, I’m forever woke


Got knowledge, I’m forever woke

Setbacks but I got better, though, the realest shit, I never wrote

But I’m crazy, but I’m clever, though

They came to me, I never spoke

Gang shit, I’m claimin’ it

Get angry, I’m dangerous

Don’t run, I got range

This shit change me when I’m aimin’ it

One-twenty in two lanes

Swervo can’t be in no wrangler

Two-hundred on two chains, when they hangin’, they tanglin’

I hustle all day, I come from hallways, slangin’ it

You hop out broad day, fuck with you the long way, rectangular

This shit ain’t hard, man, my opps be sittin’ ducks, danglin’

We tint trucks daily

At least ten of us, we keep our fingers twisted up, bangin’

You ain’t on shit, what (What?)

Pussies be cliqued up

Don’t give no fuck, your clique sus (Clique sus)

Put ’em against us

Gon’ leave niggas stiff on the ‘fense up

Forgive me again for my sins

It’s many men, fall victim of this [?] ’cause they friends

‘Cause I need a cleanse (Ayy)

I need a rinse (Yeah)

Blew his fuckin’ brains out, ain’t make no sense, yeah

Throwin’ Bs up, we swarm shit, on cap

I love revenge, that’s a warm dish, no bap


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