Dc the don – Enemies



It’s Lil Donny in this bitch (Yeah)

It ain’t Don, not Lil Daij, none of that shit, Lil Donny in this hoe (Go, go)


[Verse 1]

I sneak a peak when I itch on the opps (Yeah)

A cup of ice ’cause I love me Ciroc (Yeah)

Woke up feeling like Roddy, my wrist in the box

That guala my friend, this shit coming in flocks (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Go, go

Expensive as fuck, we can fuck on the guap

She have fun with the gang, how the fuck could she not?

I know PETA so mad my shit made out of flocks (Go, go, aye)

Go, go

Palm Angels my jeans, I pour four on a yacht

Mix the Crown with the ‘Migos, they tellin’ me stop

But I’m raging right now, I got trust in my shooters

Sick of this guap, man, that boy’s an intruder

If that nigga not breaking no brеad, he a user

How are you gangstеr? You’re on the computer

I’m an OG, call me “DC The Boomer”

Fuck Zuckerburg, we drop K’s out the Ruger

Bitch, I am a demon, that nigga’s a loser

Pretending that you’re ØTL, what a loser

Bitch, I’m a dog, you’re a muhfuckin’ poodle

Physically, king, I’m the ruler

Teezo pulled out on a muhfuckin’ scooter

Nine double N, this bitch long as a ruler

Louie gon’ cook me a pack, I abuse it

In a Jaguar, I just dropped off a cougar

But I don’t trust that hoe ’cause she been acting pushy

And she locked up on my [?], bruh, no kizzy

But she act like a kid, man, this lil’ bitch [?]

Posted his Glock, oh my god, he might shoot me

He think we care about that shit, he a flooey

I’ma stand still and just see if he shoot

Oh, he didn’t pull the trigger, that boy is a pussy

This how it go when you dealing with groupies

Fucked yo’ bitch right now, I might throw on a movie



I got my digits up, diamonds and rubies

I got my digits up, diamonds and rubies

I got my digits up, diamonds and rubies

I got my digits up, diamonds and rubies

I got my digits up, diamonds and rubies

I got my digits up, diamonds and rubies

Keep dropping shit, man, these niggas polluting

I disappear and come back like Shippuden

Keep that shit on the low ’cause I got some influence

What the fuck can I say? Man, you niggas are losing


[Verse 2]

Go, go

I’m shaking they hands like I’m in “Meet the Fockers”

With a drum in the trunk say hello to the rocket

[?] took that bitch out to Cabo

Feel like Goten when I sip out the bottle

Goku my twin, I go Super Saiyan 5, ho

How are you riding, you’re not in the ride, though?

How are you fly if you’re not even fly, ho?

Hitting that bitch while I wait for my side hoe

She not the main, keep that bitch on the side, though

She play for keeps, she a wolf, she gon’ bow down

How the fuck is ØT if he ain’t around now?

Blew the fuck up, on god, and they asking lie “How now?”

He say all my shit garbage, but how does it sound now?

Activated off of [?] and downtown

Tryna look for my guap, I need all that shit now, now

Fucked your bitch and had her playing my SoundCloud

He a pussy, he got mad when he found out

She a birdie, she be going around now

She came in with clothes and now her shit on the ground now

Stevie Wonder, he ain’t never gon’ pop out

How he loud, but he ain’t he muhfuckin’ loud, loud

Fendi on me, yeah, that muhfuckin’ [?]

He be wolfing, ain’t no scrapping or pow, pow

Go, go

I’m shaking the feds and the muhfuckin’ cops

That’s my twizzy, we used to play “Coppers and Robbers”

That’s my brother, my partner, hakuna matata

I’m high as hell, I chase guala, a lotta

50 percent, I shoot do-do’s and da-da’s

Fuck do you mean? My shit do-do-do, da-da-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, da-da

Go, go

I value my niggas, hakuna matata

On a flight to Hawaii with a bitch like Moana

Latina lil’ bitch, she like boom-boom bachata

Get off the lot we got guns in his casa

Gordan Ramsey, turn your shit into pasta

Fuck could I say? I got shootas and shottas

Do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, do-fa-fa


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