Youngboy NBA – this & That

This & that
This & that


Quando ’bout that jump out gang

Make these niggas hold up

Nothin’ but green flags around this bitch

These pussy niggas froze up

They only zipped one of us up

Left five his brothers with they toes up

Pussy nigga with all that rapping, and he know what up

Play with me it’s going down, nigga


[Verse 1]

My mama say “It’s thug life”

In that north that’s where I’m found, nigga

My young nigga caught up in that drug life

He distributin’ them pounds, nigga

Hold on, bow, yeah

Let me do my dance for all these hoes

Hold on, bow nigga

Money fannin’, then I touch my toes



They ain’t let me in this bitch in a lil’ minute

And I’m bootin’ up

They done let me in this bitch with all my niggas

And I’m tooled up

These niggas got me fucked up

“YoungBoy, they got you fucked up?”

These niggas never touched us

Bitch you know I’ll get you busted up


[Verse 2]

They like “This that, this that”

Please get off my dick now

Nigga know that I don’t give no fucks

Get mad and get yo’ bitch gone

I’m like “Big stacks, big stacks”

It’s lil’ YoungBoy and I’m rich now

All those gunners trail me ’round

While I’m riding through the town



Man, tell that YouTuber or streamer whatever he is

Stop playing wit’ me bitch

You niggas ain’t layin’ like that

Know them gunners layin’ wit’ me bitch

I ain’t got no Instagram, no social media

I wasn’t talkin’ to your bitch

Old ugly ass bitch, you disgusting

Man ya’ll niggas make me sick


[Verse 3]

Oh, now I’m in this bitch, yeah…


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