Youngboy – Bring it on

Bring it on
Bring it on


Grr, Bow, bow bitch (Aye chase him)

You already know how I get down, you hear’ me



All these niggas hoes

I bought them switches, choppas came automatic

Red flag, you know the business

Pop his ass we drop his ass

That be that green flag activity

All these niggas talkin’ bout killin me

So bet, let’s get it started

They know I be the murder mane

We buss his brain, jump in that water



Hold on, swim like you a shark bitch

Show him he a goldfish, show ’em how that pole hit

Walk down wit’ that four nik

Hold on, talkin’ bout that glizzy switch

My nigga get your soul lit

Know you heard ’bout all these bodies, we be wylin’

That gravеdiggin’ shit

Pallbearers bring your body to the gravе (Mmhm)

Don’t do no missin’ wit’ these K’s, and that’s on Dave (Mmhm)

Don’t give a fuck about where you from

We leave you slumped, and that’s on Dump

On bottom the draco, got a drum

Come out the window then he dump (Bow, bow)

Leave him dead, bro don’t call my phone

I’m bein’ investigated by DOJ and the Feds

Slime gon’ have the money, where you stay at

I’m a child, that’s how I play it

Watchin’ toons while gettin’ head

Backyardigans inside my bed

Then I switch to Bob the Builder

Take a bitch then body build her

They know I like bodies, I catch bodies wit’ the slimest niggas

They know I be wylin’ from my mommas house I shot a nigga


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