star, Dorathy Bachor celebrated her 25th birthday party on Wednesday night, November 4th with some of her fellow ex-housemates including die-hard fans and friends in attendance.

Laycon can't take his eyes off Erica as she shows up at Dorathy’s 25th Birthday party (video)

At the event, Dorathy was handed a key to a Mercedes Benz car as birthday gift from her fans.

Laycon couldn't take his eyes off Erica during Dorathy’s 25th Birthday party (video) 1

A video from the event is now making rounds on social media. shows the moment arrived at the party and walked to Dorathy to exchange pleasantries as Laycon stood close to them.

Whilst greeting the celebrant and commanding attention from cheering guests at the party, Laycon was spotted staring at Erica in ‘admiration.’

Pls hold on for a couple of minutes for the video to load :