How to earn daily on FORTRON without referral

How to earn $200 with $5 on fortron


How to earn daily on FORTRON without referral

How to earn $200 with $5 on fortron



For those who didn’t get the opportunity here about forsage, it is a smart contract that helps you earn with ethereum. It is the first decentralized smart contract and it began on February 2020.

The unique thing about this program is the zero-risk feature involved, this is because the smart contract was created to ensure that no one can hack or close down the site.

However, I’m not here to discuss forsage, to be honest, with the current registration fee (10k Naira) I’m not sure a lot of people will be willign to join so easily. I am here to discuss FORTRON

Fortron is the latest smart contract that will be launched on september 8, 2020 by same group behing the success of FORSAGE.

Its program is identical to forsage with the only difference being that it is based on the Tron TRX cryptocurrency and you need only 1,900 Naira, ( 28Ghs or $5) which is equivalent to 100trons to start (that’s less than your data allowance).

If you missed forsage, lionshare, supersurge cause of the reg fee, now is another opportunity.


1. Zero-Risk : It’s a self executing smart contract that cannot be modified by any entity

2. Instant Peer-to-Peer System : It facilitates Peer-to-Peer commission payment between its Program participant

3. Transparency and Anonymity: verifiable proof of projects performance statistics as well as its partners transaction history are publicly available on the block chain

4. Affordability (for now) : Its just 1,500 Naira, thats really affordable, but I say for now because the price of tron is increasing everyday, it might just be more by next week

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I’m not doing a Whatsapp presentation on how fortron works, just chat me up and we’ll talk one on one through whatsapp @ 08061594913

This is My Whatapp Number: 08061594913 ….you can chat me up privately for more directions into it.

You really don’t need referrals, with my spillover? Youll earn at least $5 daily.

This program applies to all nationalities by the way…
Congrats in advance I can’t wait to start earning with you ��

How to earn $200 with $5 on fortron



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