Cristiano Ronaldo was magnanimous in victory on Tuesday night, speaking highly of BarcelonaÙs afterwards.

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Cristiano Ronaldo: I've always had a very cordial relationship with Messi, he's not a rival 1

The Portuguese scored two penalties at the to lead Juventus to 3-0 win and he played down his apparent rivalry with the Argentine No.10, whom he embraced warmly during the game.

“I’ve always had a very cordial relationship with Messi,” Cristiano told Movistar. “I don’t see him as a rival.

“Each of us has always looked for the best for their team.”

Cristiano Ronaldo was back in Spain, though it’s not his first time returning there since leaving Real Madrid, having already faced both and Atletico Madrid as a Juventus player.

“It’s always nice to be back in Spain and in Catalonia,” Ronaldo said. “It’s always difficult to play at the Camp Nou against one of the best teams I’ve ever faced.

“Today we were a team of champions. We were strong and a united family.

“Playing like this, we have nothing to fear this season.”

Juventus’ 3-0 win was enough to see them top the group, having lost 2-0 in Turin, and the Portuguese believes they are deserving group winners.

“If you score three goals at the Camp Nou then there’s no doubt that you deserve to finish first,” Cristiano added.

“Although Barcelona aren’t doing well, this win gives us a big morale boost.”