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Cardi B Gets Bikini Wax During Coronavirus Lockdown 1

Cardi B isn’t letting the coronavirus lockdown stop her from keeping up with beauty maintenance but she certainly paid the price judging by her pain as she got a bikini wax.

The Bodak Yellow rapper was filmed getting the beauty treatment done on Sunday (26 April) although it’s not known if she left her home in Atlanta or had the beauticians visit her, with coronavirus lockdown rules in the US closing salons.


Still, she adhered to protection measures by wearing a face mask while her beautician wore gloves to avoid potentially exposing each other to Covid-19.

‘Today is pain day,’ Cardi announced to her followers, clearly anticipating the process. In the videos shared on her Instagram stories, Cardi screams out in pain moments before the bikini wax and even calls for her nail technician to hold her hand.

Despite reassurance from the beautician, the rapper screamed out ‘no, wait’ before crying out in pain.

Cardi, 27, has been one of the most outspoken celebrities during the coronavirus pandemic and has criticised the US government’s handling of the crisis. So far more than 55,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the US, which has almost one million reported cases of the disease.

Last month, Cardi criticised celebrities being able to obtain coronavirus tests quickly, some without showing symptoms, before other members of the public.