BREAKING: President Buhari Extends Lockdown In Lagos, Ogun, FCT Until May 4, Curfew To Begin After Then

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BREAKING: President Buhari Extends Lockdown In Lagos, Ogun, FCT Until May 4, Curfew To Begin After Then

Is lockdown still a great move? President Muhammadu Buhari during his public speech, President Buhari Extends Lockdown In Lagos Ogun FCT Until May 4 Curfew To Begin After Then.

He said a dusk to dawn curfew will take effect in all three cities after that day as a way of further curtailing the spread of Coronavirus.

He made the announcement during a nationwide broadcast on Monday.


President Buhari Extends Lockdown In Lagos Ogun FCT Until May 4 Curfew To Begin After Then, Read The President Speech Below:

MONDAY, 27th APRIL, 2020

1. Fellow Nigerians

2. I will start by commending you all for the resilience and patriotism that
you have shown in our collective fight against the biggest health
challenge of our generation.

3. As at yesterday, 26th April 2020, some three million confirmed cases
of COVID nineteen have been recorded globally with about nine
hundred thousand recoveries. Unfortunately, some two hundred
thousand people have passed away as a result of this pandemic.

4. The health systems and economies of many nations continue to
struggle as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
5. Nigeria continues to adapt to these new global realities on a daily
basis. This evening, I will present the facts as they are and explain our
plans for the coming month fully aware that some key variables and
assumptions may change in the coming days or weeks.

6. Exactly two weeks ago, there were three hundred and twenty three
confirmed cases in 20 States and the Federal Capital Territory.

7. As at this morning, Nigeria has recorded one thousand two hundred
and seventy-three cases across 32 States and the FCT. Unfortunately,
this includes 40 deaths.
8. I am using this opportunity to express our deepest condolences to the
families of all Nigerians that have lost their loved ones as a result of
the COVID nineteen Pandemic. This is our collective loss and we share
your grief.

9. Initial models predicted that Nigeria will record an estimated two
thousand confirmed cases in the first month after the index case.

10. This means that despite the increase in the number of confirmed
cases recorded in the past two weeks, the measures we have put in place
thus far have yielded positive outcomes against the projections.

11. The proportion of cases imported from other countries has reduced
to only 19% of new cases, showing that our border closures yielded
positive results. These are mostly fellow Nigerians returning through
our land borders.

We will continue to enforce land border arrival
protocols as part of the containment strategy.

12. Today, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has
accredited 15 laboratories across the country with an aggregate
capacity to undertake 2,500 tests per day across the country.

13. Based on your feedback, Lagos State Government and the FCT with
support from NCDC have established several sample collection

They are also reviewing their laboratory testing strategy to
further increase the number of tests they can perform including the
accreditation of selected private laboratories that meet the accreditation

14. Several new fully equipped treatment and isolation centres have
been operationalised across the country thereby increasing bed
capacity to about three thousand.

At this point, I will commend the
State Governors for the activation of State-level Emergency Operation
Centres, establishment of new treatment centres and the delivery of
aggressive risk communication strategies.

15. Over ten thousand healthcare workers have been trained. For their
protection, additional personal protective equipment have been
distributed to all the states.

Although we have experienced logistical
challenges, we remain committed to establish a solid supply chain
process to ensure these heroic professionals can work safely and are
properly equipped.

16. In keeping with our Government’s promise to improve the welfare
of healthcare workers, we have signed a memorandum of
understanding on the provision of hazard allowances and other
incentives with key health sector professional associations.

We have
also procured insurance cover for five thousand frontline health
workers. At this point, I must commend the insurance sector for their
support in achieving this within a short period of time.

17. Nigeria has also continued to receive support from the international
community, multilateral agencies, the private sector and public-spirited

This support has ensured that critical lifesaving equipment
and materials, which have become scarce globally, are available for
Nigeria through original equipment manufacturers and government-to-
government processes.


18. The distribution and expansion of palliatives which I directed in my
earlier broadcast is still on going in a transparent manner.

I am mindful
of the seeming frustration being faced by expectant citizens.

I urge all
potential beneficiaries to exercise patience as we continue to fine tune
our logistical and distribution processes working with the State

19. I have directed the Central Bank of Nigeria and other financial
institutions to make further plans and provisions for financial stimulus
packages for small and medium scale enterprises. We recognise the
critical role that they play in Nigeria’s economy.

20. Our Security Agencies continue to rise to the challenge posed by
this unusual situation.

While we feel deeply concerned about isolated
security incidents, I want to assure all Nigerians that your safety and
security remains our primary concern especially in these difficult and
uncertain times. As we focus on protecting lives and properties, we will
not tolerate any human rights abuses by our security agencies.

The few
reported incidences are regrettable, and I want to assure you that the
culprits will be brought to justice.

21. I urge all Nigerians to continue to cooperate and show understanding
whenever they encounter security agents.

Furthermore, for their protection, I have instructed the personnel of the security agencies be
provided with the necessary personal protective equipment for their
own protection.

22. As we continue to streamline our response in the epicenters of Lagos
and the FCT, I am concerned about the unfortunate developments in
Kano in recent days.

Although an in-depth investigation is still
ongoing, we have decided to deploy additional Federal Government
human, material and technical resources to strengthen and support the
State Government’s efforts. We will commence implementation

23. In Kano, and indeed many other States that are recording new cases,
preliminary findings show that such cases are mostly from interstate
travel and emerging community transmission.

24. Drawing from these, I implore all Nigerians to continue to adhere
strictly to the advisories published by the Nigeria Centre for Disease

These include regular hand washing, physical distancing,
wearing of face masks/coverings in public, avoidance of non-essential
movement and travels and avoidance of large gatherings remain

25. Fellow Nigerians, for the past four weeks, most parts of our country
have been under either Federal Government or State Government
lockdowns. As I mentioned earlier, these steps were necessary and
overall, have contributed to slowing down the spread of COVID
nineteen in Nigeria.

26. However, such lock downs have also come at a very heavy
economic cost. Many of our citizens have lost their means of
livelihood. Many businesses have also shut down.

No country can afford the full impact of a sustained lockdown while awaiting the
development of vaccines.

27. In my last address, I mentioned the Federal Government will
develop strategies and policies that will protect lives while preserving

28. In these two weeks, the Federal and State Governments have jointly
and collaboratively worked hard on how to balance the need to protect
health while also preserving livelihoods, leveraging global best
practice while keeping in mind our peculiar circumstances.

29. We assessed how our factories, markets, traders and transporters can
continue to function while at the same time adhering to NCDC
guidelines on hygiene and social distancing.

30. We assessed how our children can continue to learn without
compromising their health.

31. We reviewed how our farmers can safely plant and harvest in this rainy season to ensure our food security is not compromised.

Furthermore, we also discussed how to safely transport food items from
rural production areas to industrial processing zones and ultimately, to
the key consumption centers.

32. Our goal was to develop implementable policies that will ensure our
economy continues to function while still maintaining our aggressive response to the COVID nineteen pandemic.

These same difficult decisions are being faced by leaders around the world.


33. Based on the above and in line with the recommendations of the Presidential Task Force on COVID nineteen, the various Federal Government committees that have reviewed socio-economic matters and the Nigeria Governors Forum, I have approved for a phased and gradual easing of lockdown measures in FCT, Lagos and Ogun States effective from Saturday, 2nd May, 2020 at 9am.

34. However, this will be followed strictly with aggressive reinforcement of testing and contact tracing measures while allowing

the restoration of some economic and business activities in certain

35. The highlights of the new nationwide measures are as follows;

A. Selected businesses and offices can open from 9am to 6pm;

B. There will be an overnight curfew from 8pm to 6am. This means
all movements will be prohibited during this period except
essential services;

C. There will be a ban on non-essential inter-state passenger travel
until further notice;

D. Partial and controlled interstate movement of goods and services
will be allowed for the movement of goods and services from
producers to consumers; and

E. We will strictly ensure the mandatory use of face masks or
coverings in public in addition to maintaining physical distancing
and personal hygiene.

Furthermore, the restrictions on social and
religious gathers shall remain in place.

State Governments, corporate organisations and philanthropists are encouraged to
support the production of cloth masks for citizens.

36. For the avoidance of doubt, the lockdown in the FCT, Lagos & Ogun
States shall remain in place until these new ones come into effect on
Saturday, 2nd May 2020 at 9am.

37. The Presidential Task Force shall provide sector specific details and
timing guidelines to allow for preparations by Governments,
businesses and institutions.

38. The above are guidelines. State Governors may choose to adapt and
expand based on their unique circumstances provided they maintain
alignment with the guidelines issued above.

39. These revised guidelines will not apply to Kano State. The total
lockdown recently announced by the State Government shall be
enforced for the full duration.

The Federal Government shall deploy all
the necessary human, material and technical resources to support the
State in controlling and containing the pandemic.

40. I wish to once again commend the frontline workers across the
country who, on a daily basis, risk everything to ensure we win this

For those who got infected in the line of duty, be rest assured that
Government will do all it takes to support you and your families during
this exceedingly difficult period.

I will also take this opportunity to
assure you all that your safety, wellbeing and welfare remains
paramount to our Government.

41. I will also recognise the support we have received from our
traditional rulers, the Christian Association of Nigeria, the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs and other prominent religious and
community leaders. Your cooperation and support has significantly
contributed to the successes we have recorded to date.

I will urge you
all to please continue to create awareness on the seriousness of
coronavirus among your worshippers and communities while
appealing that they strictly comply with public health advisories.

42. I will also thank the Nigeria Governors’ Forum and the Presidential
Task Force for all their hard work to date. Through this collaboration,
I remain confident that success is achievable.

43. I also wish to thank corporate organisations, philanthropists, the UN
family, the European Union, friendly nations, the media and other
partners that have taken up the responsibility of supporting our

44. And finally, I will thank all Nigerians again for your patience and
cooperation during this difficult and challenging period.

I assure you
that government shall continue to take all necessary measures to protect
the lives and livelihoods our citizens and residents.

39. I thank you for listening and may God bless the Federal Republic of


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