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#BBNaija Day 11: The new boss, the late night banter, work and romance, lots more

BBNaija Day 11 was nothing short of fun; the new boss, the late night banter, work and romance, the new laundry man and lots more…

#BBNaija Day 11

Day 11: Playing the game
The Kumbaya flames are fast evaporating from the Big Brother Naija and the Housemates are finally realising they have a game to play.

Nothing threatens a unified front other than the realisation that survival is dependent on another not surviving. Once they realise this truth, the crack in the wall becomes noticeable and from then on, their unity suffers. The Housemates are beginning to witness this crack.

Eviction pressure

Although they do a good job of hiding it, the Housemates have started to feel the pressure of possible Eviction this Sunday. “It’s getting to me and it’s scary when I think of it,” Praise said while talking to Vee. He proffered that best move was to just to enjoy your time in the House, “be free and be yourself”. Game strategies were also discussed with Praise affirming that as long as you are in the House, you are either playing or you are being played.

#BBNaija Day 11: The new boss, the late night banter, work and romance, lots more 1

On a mission

Wathoni is on a mission – a mission to shake ships and bring tables. “Me, I’m just here for the fun, and If I end up breaking tables, well, for the fun of it,” she said as she declared her newfound intention. She did recognize that there were some tables she couldn’t touch that included Neo and Vee, a ship Tolanibaj referred to as a no go area. She also has a soft spot for Eric and Lilo, a ship she claimed she liked. This leaves her with just Erica and Kiddwaya. Maybe, they were her real target from the get-go seeing as she obviously has a thing for Kiddwaya. She did also mention finding Prince cool. Maybe she might finally find a replacement for Kiddwaya.

#BBNaija Day 11: The new boss, the late night banter, work and romance, lots more 2
Feeling overwhelmed

Erica is plagued by a heavy feeling of being surrounded by so many new people in the House and it seems to be affecting her energy. So heavy is this feeling that she is contemplating making her exit from the House. “I feel like leaving and at the same time, I don’t want to go, I need it for my career,” she said. Her inability to adjust to some of the Housemates and be far from her comfort zone and circle has her in quite a sober mood. “I am just bored of everyone here or maybe I’m not just good with people as I thought,” she lamented. The constant “Erica, are you okay?” is beginning to get to her and she fears she might lash out eventually or be plain rude just to get people to leave her alone.

#BBNaija Day 11: The new boss, the late night banter, work and romance, lots more 3
Hopefully, the Housemates find a way to play this game without burning too many bridges.

Day 11: Play or be played

Weighed by the thought of possible Eviction, Housemates confide in each other about their survival strategies in the House.

Day 11: ‘I don’t lead people on,’ Nengi

In a conversation with Tochi, Nengi answered the most asked question about her in the House and also talked about her current relationship status outside the House.

Day 11: Finding me space in a crowded place

Overwhelmed by the House, Erica craves her personal space and time away from the rest of the Housemates.

Day 11: ‘Are you a peaceful woman,’ Vee

Vee asserts that she’s a fighter as they try to discover what vibe they each bring to the table.

Day 11: The new boss

#BBNaija Day 11
Tochi is finding it hard to get along with the new boss while the other Housemates seem to be coming around.

After a turbulent start to the week and Lucy’s reign as HoH, there was a bit cohesion in the House this morning as each Housemate carried out their respective cleaning duties, but this wasn’t after Lucy had an altercation with Tochi about his role in cleaning the House this morning.

You are not the boss of me

Tochi doesn’t like being bossed around and he made his feelings known to the HoH after she pointed out where he was supposed to do during the morning cleaning exercise. “I don’t want you to tell me what to do… you can’t boss me around,” he said. To which Lucy responded, “do you realize I am the Head of the House and I can tell you where to clean?” An upset Tochi insisted he was going to do it his way and won’t be told what to do. “…Nobody should tell you what to do, but you don’t know what to do and you still don’t want to be told what to do,” Lucy responded. She believed there was more to Tochi’s behaviour that morning and went ahead to ask him exactly what his problem was.


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