Bawizo – Love And Hate Full Album Mp3 Download

Album: Bawizo – Love And Hate Mp3 Download

Bawizo is here again with another explosive Album titled LOVE AND HATE. This is surly going to be one of those body of work that will Shock you, Oh yes indeed, This album is a game changer and Bawizo hopes to spread his positive vibe and light to the world through his music, connecting with each and everyone of you uniquely through the diffrent gernes and sounds from all over the globe. Bawizo believes that even in this pandemic, Love is what the world really needs to conquer hate.


Bawizo will be giving out part of the proceeds from this Album to reputable charities all over Africa that truly need it, this is his own little way to lend a helping hand where its needed the most to impact thousands of lives in a positive way. We can and we will.

On this his studio project titled Love and Hate, he collaborates with Davido on Track 3 (Titled Good Day), Yovi on Track 4 (Titled Good or Bad), Black Gs on Track 9 (Titled Money $), Slaiman Gems on Track 10 (Titled Fayawo), Slimcase on Track 14 (Titled Para), Damibliz on Track 15 (Titled Lamba Remix), Eneyatt on Track 19 (Titled Shope)



1. Bawizo – Adupe || Mp3 Download

2. Bawizo – Ebezina || Mp3 Download

3. Bawizo – Good Day Ft. Davido || Mp3 Download

4. Bawizo – Good or Bad Ft. Yovi || Mp3 Download

5. Bawizo – New Level || Mp3 Download

6. Bawizo – Rockstar || Mp3 Download

7. Bawizo – Foreign Love || Mp3 Download

8. Bawizo – Pull Up || Mp3 Download

9. Bawizo – Money $ Ft. Black Gs || Mp3 Download

10. Bawizo – Fayawo Ft. Slaiman Gems || Mp3 Download

11. Bawizo – Misbehave || Mp3 Download

12. Bawizo – Right One || Mp3 Download

13. Bawizo – True Love || Mp3 Download

14. Bawizo – Para Ft. Slimcase || Mp3 Download

15. Bawizo – Lamba Remix Ft. Damibliz || Mp3 Download

16. Bawizo – Bawizo Dreams || Mp3 Download

17. Bawizo – Hard Times || Mp3 Download

18. Bawizo – Wake Up || Mp3 Download

19. Bawizo – Shope Ft. Eneyatt || Mp3 Download

20. Bawizo – Celebrate || Mp3 Download