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Yung Kayo real name is Kai Green. But mostly he is known by his animated name, Yung Kayo to his fans and followers. Kai Green is his real name and is also known by his family members, relatives, and his friends. Most of his fans are from different places of the world and know him as Yung Kayo as he is famous for his animated name. Yung Kayo Age: How Old Is He? Yung Kayo is 17 years of age as he was born on November 29, 2003. Popular Artist Yung Kayo is from Washington, DC, based in Los Angeles, California. His exact hometown is unknown as he lives in the city of Washington, DC. He is famous and popular through his singing and rapping. Like us, different musical articles have written his bio. The official announcement for Kayo has signed to Young Thug’s YSL Records was done on January 29, 2020. Kayo’s music often features hard-hitting industrial hip-hop instrumentals, thanks to his go-to producer Warpstr.


Washington DC


November 29, 2003